Hi! Seattle Under the Radar tours offers private small group and individual ticket tours..our focus is a little different.

Let us show you our city through the eyes of a local! Seattle Under the Radar Tours we focus on some of the less traveled aspects of our spectacular city! Our private small-group tours will take you out of the city-center to discover places we love and are hard to get to using public transportation. Wherever we go, our goal is to create a fun and relaxing Seattle experience!

The Lake, Old growth trees and the beach

Believe it or not, there is an old growth forest in Seattle! Let’s drive along the scenic shores of Lake Washington on our way to Seward Park where we will have fantastic views of Mt. Rainier (if the mountain is out!). And explore this incredible gem. The trail through the old growth is flat, .9 miles and it’s “flip flop accessible”. After that, lets get some excellent local coffee and head to West Seattle to stroll on the beaches of Elliot Bay.

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Cannabis, coffee and dessert


Let me be your guide as we visit a several legal marijuana stores (Ganja Goddess, Origins, Bakeree, Diego Pellicer). Afterwards we will head back to my garden for you to safely enjoy your purchase. Our next destination will be a refreshment break of your choice…




This is my favorite neighborhood in the city, full of artists, bars and brew pubs, restaurants and on the weekends hosts this fun thing called the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall full of vintage stuff to explore. This is one of Seattle’s oldest neighborhoods, and as of now, still retains some of the incredible architecture of early Seattle. We will taste locally made chocolates, sip beverages, shop for records, comic books, vintage stuff, play pinball and explore the funky bits of the city.


Capital Hill


Center of Seattle’s Gay community for years, this neighborhood is packed with little independent shops, bars and clubs. 2 of Seattle’s best book stores, 2 great record shops and some of the most famous bars and live music venues are all packed into 8 blocks of the city. This is a walking tour, so wear your comfy shoes!


West Seattle, a world away


West Seattle is the spit of land you can see when gazing west from downtown Seattle. It’s hard to imagine, but west Seattle has beaches and lovely little shops along the waterfront with views of Bainbridge Island and the Olympic Mountains.

As the Seattle skyline disappears when we pass the Duwamish Head, it’s like you’ve left Seattle proper and stumbled upon a sleepy beach community where we can get some of the best fish n chips Seattle has to offer. After leaving the beach, we will visit the Junction, a cute neighborhood with an amazing record store where you can have a beer while you browse, small independent shops and restaurants and head to Lincoln Park, a jewel of unspoiled beaches with old growth trees and a heated outdoor salt water swimming pool!

Seattle Neighborhoods 101


Get out of the downtown area, and take a drive through Seattle’s neighborhoods to see what the residential areas of the city are all about and what the locals love. We will meander though the Volunteer Park neighborhood to see some of Seattle’s beautiful old Victorian style homes, then head to the shores of Lake Washington and Seward Park to see mid-century modern delights on our way to Beacon Hill (where I live) and over to West Seattle to the most amazing views of the city from across the water. There are spectacular views all through this drive!