Believe it or not, there is an old growth forest in Seattle!

Let’s cruise the scenic shores of Lake Washington and learn the incredible history of how it was “re-plumbed” while on our way to Seward Park where we will have fantastic views of Mt. Rainier (if the mountain is out!). This park is an incredible gem holding one of only 2 old growth stands left in the city. The trail through the old growth is flat, less than 1 mile long and it’s ‘flip-flop accessible’. We don’t need to walk the whole trail to get a look at some really big trees, but we certainly can, or we can just take a scenic drive through the park. After that, lets get some locally roasted coffee and head to West Seattle to explore the beaches of Elliot Bay. This tour is mostly on foot, so wear your comfy shoes and appropriate weather gear.

Tour duration: 3 hours
Private group (up to 4 people): 325.00 + tax
Individual tickets: 99.00 + tax
Meet up location: Cherry Street Coffee House
700 1st Ave (corner of 1st Ave and Cherry Street)
For private group tours, I will pickup at the location of your choice.