Each neighborhood in Seattle has a unique feel, architectural style and social scene. Let’s take a ride and explore them!

Let’s take a drive through several of Seattle’s neighborhoods to see what the residential areas of the city are all about and what the locals love. We will meander though the Volunteer Park neighborhood of Capitol Hill to see some of Seattle’s beautiful old Victorian style homes, then head to Madison Park and the shores of Lake Washington mid-century modern delights on our way to Seward Park, Columbia City, Beacon Hill, Georgetown and over to West Seattle. There are spectacular views all through this drive! If you’re a new resident of Seattle, this is a great tour for you to get a mental map of the feel of the city.

Tour duration: 3 hours
Private group (up to 4 people): 325.00 + tax
Individual tickets: 99.00 + tax
Meet up location: Cherry Street Coffee House
700 1st Ave (corner of 1st Ave and Cherry Street)
For private group tours, I will pickup at the location of your choice.